Quick Tip: Sublime 2 Word Wrap Fix

If, like me, you use Sublime Text 2 for your html / css / js / etc, you might have noticed that since build 2181 it no longer respects disabling word wrap with “word_wrap”: “false”.

Prettier Code Snippets with CSS

To give your code blocks prettier styling, with every other row of code being highlighted differently, use the following snippet:

Installing LESS CSS on Ubuntu

LESS CSS can be used without compiling via less.js (sends compiled CSS directly to the DOM), and can watch your LESS file for changes, automatically updating your project. I use LESS.js and LESSC via Node in almost every PSD to HTML project I receive, and it’s a huge time saver.

Using cross platform tools to speed development

I’ve been a front end developer for seven years this November, and the majority of that time has been spent on my preferred OS, Linux. However, as every good developer knows, platform agnosticism is requisite if you wish to properly approach any development project.

The New HTMLRockstars

Work on the latest version of HTMLRockstars began before I had any idea I’d be redesigning. In September of last year, after weeks of mulling the idea over, I announced to the staff that as of January 1, HTMLRockstars would be returning to it’s roots.

My Service

In addition to our PSD to HTML service, I also provide PSD to WordPress, PSD to Shopify, and PSD to Tumblr services.

For other CMS or template types (such as Joomla or Dreamweaver) please contact with your requirements

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