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Process Overview

The order process is simple and takes less than 5 minutes. Provide your project information, upload your file(s), and checkout. As soon as your order is placed it will be scheduled and assigned. I'll review your order shortly after receiving it, and contact you if there any questions.

Accessibility & Optimization Options

UAAG / Section 508

I include DDA / Section508 / WCAG Compliance by default at no extra charge. Good code is good code, I don't offer different levels of 'good'.


Included by default.

Semantic Optimization

Included by default. Proper headings (H1, H2, etc), semantic naming conventions, and semantic html element use included with every project.

Load Speed Optimization

Included by default. Image optimization, CSS & JS compression/minification, Sprites, Mapping, and HTTP request minimalization.

Markup Comments

Included by default.

CSS Preprocessor

On request, no extra charge. I work with both LESS and SASS.

Contact Details

If I have any questions regarding your order I'll contact you via email. The provided email is also where I will deliver the completed files.

Discount / Purchase Code

Discount codes are available for promotions, purchase codes apply to clients with prearranged accounts. Applicable discount will be applied to the total shown on the left during checkout.

My Service

In addition to our PSD to HTML service, I also provide PSD to WordPress, PSD to Shopify, and PSD to Tumblr services.

For other CMS or template types (such as Joomla or Dreamweaver) please contact with your requirements

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360 S 4th St #111
Pocatello, ID 83201 USA
Email: email@htmlrockstars.com
Hours: M-T 10AM-5PM, F 10AM-2PM (PST)