Nowadays, technology has become essential in our daily lives inall over the world. It also leads to the rapid expansion of e-commerce.
In my opinion, if you want to run your own business without thinking to sell products online, it will be a big mistake.

Selling a product has never been easy like now. You don’t need to take care of product production, product inventory, or even delivery process because there are multiple excellent services out there.

You need to answer several questions such as “How to sell this product to customers?”, “How can I sell products without handling/seeing them?”, etc. Of course, you first need to create an online store to start selling anything. In this post, I will give an overview about 2 methods which are widely used: Dropshipping and Affiliate.


Dropshipping is a business model that helps you operate your business smoothly without maintaining inventory, owning a warehouse for storage, etc.
You even can also co-operate with shipping supplier to deliver products to a customer.

One thing you need to handle is about products information that shows up in your online store. You can request product suppliers to give you all products data in CSV or Excel format.

After that, these data have to be updated in your store by using CSV Import Products default import function of the current system. When a customer creates an order, you need to forward the order and customer details to the product suppliers and shipping services, they will package and ship products directly to the customer on your name behalf.

CSV Import Products Module


The affiliate program has been growing rapidly in the last few years because of the great benefits that it brings to sellers. Merchant site just need to focus on the product production without taking care of marketing fee, SEO, website development etc. because affiliate site has to handle those matters.

The overall process should be:Each affiliate site will be given an affiliate link. When customers click on this link, they will be directed to the merchant site. If they finally purchase products, this affiliate will be given a reward. So the key point in affiliate program is all about promoting products. One thing you also need to take into consideration is updating products to your online store.

As a matter of fact, a merchant could provide thousands of products, it’s impossible to add those products data manually. You have to ask for CSV/Excel product file from the supplier and use Csv Import Products Module to update those product details automatically. It absolutely saves a ton of time for you and your business.

CSV Import Products Module

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