The year has established the pace for online development. The new, strict goals are, and you are going to need the eCommerce solution, to manage the small business obstacles. In search of a single? Here’s a detailed Prestashop vs Magento inspection that will assist you to explain the winner between the two major platforms – Prestashop along with Magento.

What are Prestashop and Magento?

The two Magento and Prestashop are eCommerce programs which will permit you to begin and manage a store. What concerns you’ve got in your mind that will satisfy your business requirements and will be exceptional.

To establish a store, you would either need some knowledge equally with anti-inflammatory and PrestaShop. Prestashop would be recommended for novices and those retailers that are not is regarded as somewhat more comfortable and, thus. Maybe, however, the Magento offers can’t be compared on the market.

The official Prestashop site asserts this eCommerce solution now helps over 270,000 online retailers handle their shops and create eCommerce companies. Magento now allows over 700,000 sites global. Magento is favored PrestaShop has been rising in popularity. And experts forecast it would grow into one of Magento choices from the future.

Below you will find. You will see that will get to the finish line and if the rate stays high following every barrier! Let us go!

Easy to use Prestashop vs Magento

As soon as you’re tech-challenged the primary one could be choice. It’s far simpler to personalize your Prestashop shop. This stage has simplified the shop owner’s management which can allow you to concentrate on problems that were significant. You will have the ability to maximize your shop with the support of dash modules and sophisticated analytics.

Magento is considered as the shopping cart. This remedy will promise capabilities to internet retailers that are tech-savvy and is truly a masterpiece of software performance. Management of an online store online Magento will probably be a joy that is true, and it is straightforward. For establishing and launch the site, you are going to need either expertise in web development or to employ a professional.

Compare Prestashop vs Magento about eCommerce functionality

Prestashop cart provides 700+ features currently built in. You receive all the functionality that is vital an internet retailer should start online business. Forecasting and intelligent Merchant KPI include the PrestaShop features that improve its amenities that are statistical

This alternative offers Analytics which can allow you to assess the traffic and create the most choices regarding your small business plan to put in. These data can help you raise your audience and develop customer conversions. Prestashop provides integrations that will let you export merchandise listings to Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay along with other marketplaces to put in.

Configure Your Store

  • Offers payment methods
  • Configure the shipping methods
  • Run geographical delivery zones and apply shipping carriers
  • Determine the pricing of the offered shipping methods
  • Define maximum dimension of the packages
  • Enable SSL
  • Set the shop as a catalog

Content & Navigation

  • Configure the display of the products
  • Organize your products in your store
  • Configure filters, sort order and pagination of products
  • Configure your internal search engine
  • Display results with the main information about the products listed
  • Use different display mode or layered navigation
  • Add a product search box in your 404 error pages
  • Inform your customers about your store
  • Display your physical stores on a google map


  • Configure the one page checkout
  • Display a summary page before the customer validate the cart
  • Display & allow your customer to navigate in the checkout process
  • Allow your customers to quickly create an account
  • Let your customer choose the addresses select shipping & payment methods
  • Add reinsurance text block
  • Abandoned cart by email, for get your customer back to store
  • Let customers to validate their orders
  • Display a confirmation page with related details

For more features of Prestashop. Please view here:


Up to the stage, it appeared that Magento was losing to Prestashop. The scenario will probably change. Magento eCommerce capabilities’ listing will amaze even the toughest and experienced retailer and is extensive.

Magento cart guarantees eCommerce performance, such as everything from promotions to customer segmentation and sales. To be specific these Magento eCommerce that is crucial features.

You could view full list of Magento features here:

UI Designs and Themes

PrestaShop templates are elegant, professional and trendy. You are invited to choose from more than and paid templates which will have additional responsiveness features, themes color switcher, mega menu choice, graphics and editor if you desire. You could download Prestashop templates on add-ons or

Magento themes have categories and look. The only real thing you will find just 12 items on Magento Marketplace. Because there’s a source of layouts that isn’t an issue. You can come across the cutest ones seeing ThemeForest and locate the one who is going to appeal to your customers the maximum. Now, Magento will give more versions of the design to you to select from, and you will need to devote some time finding the amount of those. You can create your Magento theme as soon as you’ve got the technician abilities.

Prestashop and Magento compare about SEO

PrestaShop has functionality with respect to SEO optimization. In Terms of the benefits you may get:

  • Automated URL rewriting
  • Committed SEO articles segments to merchandise
  • CMS webpages for production of quality articles
  • Advanced performance Premium SEO module (such as i.e., automatic filling from meta tags and societal bookmarking tags)

You may purchase premium modules for automatic edit title, meta description, keyword, image alt…

Regarding performance, Magento SEO capacities are immense. A variety of search engine optimization configurations is offered in Magento out-of-the-box. One of these are meta tags for goods and home pages, including pictures optimization, canonical tags for classes and products, upgrades of robot.txt files, etc..

Ecommerce-platformsdotcom has conducted detailed analysis of their very popular eCommerce options and anti inflammatory dozens 95 points out of 100, a fantastic outcome!


Prestashop Modules and Magento Extensions

Magento provides more functionality. The source for the expansion has been enormous. Lately a brand new Magento Marketplace was released and it supplies currently almost 3,000 extensions, both free and paid. Yet we’re certain the amount will increase in a few months and its position will be taken by Magento .

Prestashop Add-ons Marketplace proposes 5,000 modules, picture themes, and solutions which will make it possible for you to incorporate new abilities in a couple of clicks. Here you will discover modules that are invaluable to improve any enterprise that is eCommerce. Everything out of drop-shipping to flash earnings!


Compare Support services – Prestashop vs Magento 2018

Magento Service guarantees complimentary 24/7 client aid. By logging into a Magento account, you’ll have the ability to start a service ticket. You are able to reach out to solution partner after any technology assistance is needed using Magento Open Source. Vast documentation can be obtained, and also the substantial problems are examined entirely on Magento Forums which have almost 300,000 associates and over 76,000 posts out there.

Prestashop Service features assistance that might be hardly in comparison with almost any other eCommerce open source alternative, the single thing – it’s billed. The choice – PrestaShop Advisors can help you select. A number of Prestashop Support Strategies and the very first are:


To add, there’s a great deal of instruction, seminars, tutorials, videos, and papers on Prestashop accessible when you opt to deal with everything.

Which one is the best for you?

Winners are persuasive available on eCommerce solutions’ marketplace. Both are targeted at various kinds of companies with different requirements, various budgets, and intentions . Just you’re aware and because you know your company inside out – the choice is yours!

It’s all up to you to choose. The thing – equally Magento and Prestashop will become options to do migration to and will increase your company to innovative degree. You’ll be impressed!

Form my suggestion, If you need a big shop for large customers, millions products, high traffic like Bestbuy, lazada… You should select Magento.

If you are a small business you should start with Prestashop. It will be the easiest for use.

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