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Looking for a solid design, already coded, and ‘drop in ready’? Below are a number of free themes for WordPress and Shopify.

Tribble for Shopify

Tribble is a unique, flexible theme designed for, and now included on, Shopify.com

Stark for WordPress

Stark is a clean lightweight WordPress theme with multiple level drop down menus and minimal image use.

Charade for WordPress

After many requests, our first WordPress release, Charade, has been taken out of storage and updated for the latest WordPress release.

AppMagic for WordPress

AppMagic, the first iPhone App oriented site for WordPress is now available. Get your App site up and your App selling in no time. Theme has a complete backend management page for configuration.

Janeway for WordPress

Janeway is a lean, bold WordPress theme built from the ground up to be easy to use requiring minimal configurations. Post display featured image on home page with automatic post thumbnails.

My Service

In addition to our PSD to HTML service, I also provide PSD to WordPress, PSD to Shopify, and PSD to Tumblr services.

For other CMS or template types (such as Joomla or Dreamweaver) please contact with your requirements

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