There exist orders placed in a normal way when customers get to the website, pick up their needed products and go to checkout. Besides, due to many different reasons, woocommerce phone orders & manual orders are still applied. Of course, stores always facilitate customers to order with the purpose of increasing revenues as well as user experience so that they can serve more customers.

In fact, woocommerce phone orders & manual orders are the proper name for this phenomenon used in this source code only. This phenomenon also occurs in other source codes. It is when a customer makes a call to the store and asks store staff to deliver goods to his house. There are various payment methods but COD is preferred in this case. The customer just needs to make a phone call. The rest work belongs to the store. Based on the data such as customer name, telephone number, address, product name, product quantity, the order is completed.


When facing this case, we do as the following guidance.

In the back end, you click on Add order as below

I have tried using edit order module. It’s a pity when this module only works on Prestashop source code. The great feature of this tool is that you can duplicate an existing order, and edit the necessary information. Therefore, if you have a similar existing order, you just need to duplicate it and edit a little bit information. In addition, it supports bulk actions which are printing orders, changing order status with one click. You can try the demo module here (http://). Then you may have an idea to write woocommerce order edit plugin which can be sold to serve these source code lovers.

On the top of the next window, the information needed to be filled in will be customer information such as name, telephone number, address, email; billing information, order status, etc.


Continue scrolling down, we can add other information such as product, quantity, voucher code, delivery method, etc.

Then you click save to complete the order.

Through the article woocommerce phone orders & manual orders, we realize that the default manual order creation processes in different source codes are the same. The process includes stages such as adding a new order, entering customer information, product information, payment method, and delivery method.


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