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I’m Topher & I run HTMLRockstars, where I provide professional front end development services.

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Send in your PSD and I’ll return semantic, optimized,documented, and Section 508/WAI compliant HTML / CSS.

How it works

Each PSD is entirely hand coded into HTML / CSS and checked for validity and cross browser compatibility; subpages are just $99. Have questions? Check out my FAQ or Contact me .
  • What exactly do you do to my design?

    I hand code your PSD to HTML order into valid and semantic HTML / CSS, optimize the CSS, HTML, and images for smooth loadtimes. I also document the code to allow easy editing and modification in the future.

  • What do I get in return?

    I return valid, semantic, and documented HTML / CSS from your design. My markup is Section 508 Compliant (US), and complies with the Disability Discrimination Act (UK).

  • Great, how do I send you my files?

    The PSD to HTML process is quick and painless. You'll be able to upload your file(s) and I'll help you provide me with all the information I need to complete your project.

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``Thanks for the great customer service and fast turnaround time. ... Thanks for all of your help. I will recommend your work to others.``
Josh Waldron

Why me?

I’m a full time front end developer with over 7 years of experience. HTMLRockstars is what I do, and I love it. I write HTML, CSS, and JS in Aptana IDE, and embrace fantastic tools such as LESS CSS and Zen Coding to help me write better markup, faster.

When you work with me you work with, well, me. I process every order, review each project, and write all the HTML, CSS, and JS to turn your PSD into a semantic, well functioning site. Have a question? I answer those too.

You know where your work is being done (I’m in Idaho!), who is doing it (me). You know your order won’t be late, because my order form automatically updates to only accept orders that I can accept and process on time.

Think of me as the boutique, and the other guys as the big box stores. Boutique isn’t for everyone, but it might be for you. Still have questions? Drop me a line.

My Clients

My clients come from a wide range of industries, but are largely firms who need to increase the quality of their output or decrease turn around time for their clients.

Because of my effeciency and experience, I can often deliver not only better markup, but also more quickly than in house developers. Worried about privacy? Working under NDA is not a problem.

Do You Have Questions?

A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.

1. So what do you do exactly?

I hand code your design, PSD, JPG, AI, etc, and into valid and semantic HTML / CSS, optimize the CSS, HTML, and images for smooth load times. I also document the code to allow easy editing and modification in the future.

2. 100% Money Back Guarantee?

Yep. If you aren’t satisfied with your order’s markup/css/js and I’m unable to fix it (if I made a mistake I’d like a chance to correct it) I’ll refund your entire order. 100% of it. Can’t go wrong there.

3. Is your code cross browser compatible?

My code is checked and written for Internet Explorer 8/9/10 Alpha, Opera Latest, FireFox 5/6+, Safari and Chrome latest release. Two version back support on Android & iOS browsers. I practice graceful degradation and progressive enhancement to allow the use of modern techniques and more streamlined markup and stylesheets.

4. What about accessibility guidelines?

All markup is compliant with Section 508 / DDA / and WCAG1.0 checkpoints.

5. What does your service include?

An order for static coding includes cutting up the design, optimizing the images for size and presentation, coding the design into (x)HTML/CSS. Rollover, drop down menus and basic javascript are all included in the price. An order for CMS or blog coding includes the above plus the final template or skin for the selected CMS.

6. Difference between a page and a subage?

Your first page is the general layout we receive, and a subpage is a variant of that main page or design that still maintains 50% or more of the original structure.

7. Multiple page discount?

Yep. Subpages are billed starting at just $79 for the first subpage. For orders of 9 or more PSDs this may be further reduced, contact me for a project quote.

8. What about print pages?

I’d love to! Generic print pages are $59, a custom print page is $149.

9. Do you offer support?

You bet I do. We provide 30 days of code level support, and permanent passive support. Support begins with order delivery, or on balance payment (on multi-pay orders).

10. How long does it take?

You can select your desired turn around during the PSD to HTML order process on the get started page. Orders are processed, started, and worked on during business hours (10AM-5PM PST M-T, 10AM-3PM F), orders placed after 2PM PST will be started the following business day.

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